As technologies continually reinvent the ways we do business, information itself is often an organization‘s most valuable weapon. Keeping this in view, ANTMAK OFFICE TECHNOLOGIES LTD help the tech- savvy organization to fulfill their business vision by offering time-bound, high quality, cost-effective solutions that optimize their operations helping them move ahead of the competition. ANTMAK OFFICE TECHNOLOGIES LTD is a document Imaging / Voice/ Data/ IT consulting/ Solution Company based in Kenya with dedicated expertise facilities in Kenya.

AOT provides imaging, telecommunication, IT and software services from micro to macro level
AOT strives to provide our clients the best of best of the skills available. To that end, we hire, train and retain talent professionals in the respective fields.
AOT strength lie in the provision of excellent project management and after sale support. We undertake projects on a turnkey basis for the entire office automation process.
AOT is also in the process of expansion to Tanzania, Uganda and parts of sub-Saharan Africa to become a global front runner in the sphere of office automation.

Something profound has happened in the Information Universe. Stellar, corporate performance now depends not just on factors like products, services or location, but also on knowledge. That means knowledge about customers, products and markets; knowledge that reveals promising opportunities and assesses pending threats: Knowledge that boosts profit / production and reduces cost; knowledge that supports better, wiser, more effective management. Such knowledge based on comprehensive, detailed, relevant information in crucial. In fact, virtually all organizations are now in the information business. Information is no longer just a tactical tool, but a strategic differentiator that separates high-growth businesses from those soon to be left behind.